The COBie Academy

The COBie Academy is designed to provide contractors, subcontractors, architects, engineers, information managers, and owners with the essential knowledge and hands-on techniques needed to produce, test, and apply COBie.  All courses are fully online and self-paced, allowing you to master the Construction-Operations Building information exchange (COBie) Standard on your time.


The COBie Academy has two pathways. The pathways are:


These three courses will help you learn the details of the COBie standard and prepare for the buildingSMART international COBie Certified Professional examination:

  1. COBie As-Designed
  2. COBie As-Built
  3. COBie Quality Control

Students must register and successfully complete each course in the order as specified above if they wish to move to the next course in the sequence.


COBie implementation courses are for those implementing COBie but not necessarily preparing for the "COBie Certified Professional(TM)" exam. These courses may be completed in any order.  In 2019 we released the COBie ScoreCard(TM) course and a new "Intro to COBie" course.

COBie Certified Professional(TM) Training


If you need hands-on experience implementing and delivering COBie, these courses are for you. These courses were developed based on the experience of designers, builders, and owners who currently delivery COBie on their projects. These courses will provide you an orientation to COBie and then dive right into getting the job done, leaving some of the technical details of the COBie standard to your local COBie Subject Matter Expert or "COBie Certified Professional(TM)". You may take these courses in any order. 

Delivering Design COBie in Revit (Coming in January 2020)

Have or are you the person tasked to "fix" a Revit model to deliver COBie data? Why not learn how to deliver COBie data during the design process? Why not do it right the first time? In this course, you will take a set of existing drawings and models and learn to back-fill COBie data in Revit. Become your local Revit-to-COBie expert. Expand your opportunities.